Travel Planning

travel planning

Travel Planning

When travelling abroad it is important to know about the destination and what to expect upon your arrival. Here are some details to think about

Travel Insurance – You should never go away without having the relevant insurance for your trip. Certain countries like the USA do not have a healthcare system and even the citizens have to have their own insurance.

Make sure your cover includes everything you need, if you’re going skiing then make sure you have winter sports cover. If you have a previously diagnosed health issue then let the insurer know. The last thing you want is to be away and find that you can’t use your insurance because you didn’t disclose the relevant information or check what was covered.

Different insurance companies can specialise in different cover, and it’s also important to shop around. Comparison sites like, and take the effort away from you by searching multiple sites.

Currency – What currency do they use where you’re going? Should you take cash, use credit cards or traveller’s cheques? It’s always good to have some cash on you, but we would suggest looking at currency cards. With currency cards you can pre-pay with your funds and you use it like a normal debit card to withdraw from ATMs or pay over the counter wit a card reader. Should you lose the card you simply report it lost and can be sent a replacement card in no time.

Try, or for some of the best cards out there.

When taking cash with you, try not to leave it until the last minute too change it up. Moneysupermarket offer a comparison on providers and let you know the pros and cons for each company.

Luggage – Depending on the occasion you’ll need to decide how you’re going to transport your luggage, and make sure you check your baggage allowance and the maximum size they can be. Many airlines have different policies, and budget airlines will usually charge you for putting a bag in the hold, and in some cases even a carry on, so be sure to check.

If you’re travelling the world on a budget then a good quality backpack will be needed to cram in everything you’ll need. If you’re a regular traveller for work or just like to take plenty of holidays, then a good quality hard case would be worth considering. Check out our products page for more information on luggage

Transport – Depending on where you are going you can have different options in getting there. You could travel Europe by train, take a cruise around the Mediterranean or fly to Asia.

Generally speaking the sooner you book up your tickets the cheaper they should be, but this is not always the case and trying to work out how travel providers work out their fares is a struggle to understand. Holiday seasons will always have an impact on the price and it they are booking up quickly then the price normally goes up as well. If you find a price that you’re happy to pay, then book it as it could soon go up.

If you’re looking for a cheap flight then check out our flight search engine which is powered by SkyScanner. It will check all the major airlines for you to pick out the cheapest flights available. We also provide a car hire search option as well. Alternative check out TripAdvisor, CheapFlights or Expedia

For guides on how to travel with points and miles check out Points to Help

Accommodation – Are you looking to book a 5* hotel, rough it in a hostel or try out Airbnb. I say rough it, but a lot of hostels are actually alright as long as you don’t mind staying in a room with other people most of the time.

Airbnb has become very popular over the last few years and is a great way for people to make extra money renting out their spare rooms or flats. You have a wide range of options depending on your budget so it’s well worth looking at.

Hotels are like flights, in that it’s best to shop around and try sites like to find some great deals. is another great one, who also offer a reward scheme, getting a free night with every ten nights booked.

Culture – One of the most important things you should research before going away. You really don’t want to be upsetting the locals and insulting their beliefs. Do some reading and invest in some books from Lonely Planet, DY Eyewitness Travel or Marco Polo. As much use as the internet is, it’s always useful to have something on you to read on your journey and use as a reference point.

Visa’s – Have you checked to see if you require a visa to enter the country you’re visiting. If you’re unsure then check out visahq, who can tell you what visa you need for each country based on your nationality. If you do require a visa then they can assist you in getting one.

Passport – How long you have left until it expires? In some countries they will only let you in if you have at least six months remaining until the expiry date. Take a look at to see information on the country you are travelling to.

Are you travelling with a child? If so then they will also need a child passport, which are valid for five years. Visit for more information.

Vaccinations – Make sure you check for any vaccinations you may need for your destinations. Going without these and insurance is a recipe for disaster. This information can also be found on

Technology – Don’t forget your GoPro to capture those special moments, or purchase the Bose noise cancelling headphones for the long flights. Investing in the latest technology can be expensive sometimes, but it can be well worth it to ensure you feel comfortable on your trip and can help store those memories for years to come.

Check out our products page for up to date information on the latest gadgets and travel accessories