See an Active Volcano

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Twin Volcanos

To see an active volcano is an awe inspiring spectacle, but it can also be a dangerous thrill seeking experience so take care when adding this to your bucket list ideas.

See an Active Volcano

See an active Volcano

To see an active volcano is a subject that divides people the world over. For some people the chance to see an active volcano is an incredible experience to witness and not to be missed!

Others see them as a destructive force not to be reckoned with, a force which takes land and even life from them. However there is no doubt that to witness an active volcano erupting is an awesome sight!

It does sound rather like an adrenaline junkie type experience but venturing to active volcanoes is still a popular activity.

The study of active volcanoes has actually meant their behaviour can be accurately predicted, so you can be reassured that your tour guides know and understand their beautiful hosts, and guarantee you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near one that was just to erupt.

Lava Flow

Where to go

In Europe you’ve got some incredible volcanos to see and if you choose to, climb as well. If you are looking to see an active volcano at its lava spitting best then we’d recommend a trip to Iceland. But Italy also has some incredible volcanos to visit.

Mount Etna, in Sicily is perhaps one volcano that most people can name, and there are many ways to take in the sights and see the amazing images of solidified lava flows that have cascaded down the sides over the centuries.

Also in Italy you will find Mount Vesuvius – another commonly known volcano – some might argue more famous than Etna.  Whilst still considered active, the volcano has not erupted since 1944 but you can still see steam emanating from various parts of the crater.

If you are looking to go a bit further afield then how about a trip to witness volcano Paricutin in Mexico?

Here you can trek to the summit or take a guided tour on horseback making it an incredible adventure.


Guided Tours – The Way To Go

Whichever destination you choose we would really recommend a guided tour, not just for safety but because if you are in to your geology you will receive an all round better experience.

With most volcano tours expect a large amount of walking, however buses and other forms of tourist transport are offered in many areas.

Due to the volcanic activity you will have to put up with a strong smell of sulphur, but the chance to be at the side of an active volcano is certainly something to tell the grandchildren one day.

So add to “See an Active Volcano” to your personalised bucket list ideas and share this incredible experience with Tickboxx.

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