Ride a Camel Through the Desert

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No trip to Morocco would be complete if you didn’t ride a camel through the desert.

Ride a Camel through the Desert

Ride a Camel through the Desert

Its just one of those things you have to do when you visit this amazing country.

Thankfully sand is something that Morocco has in spades and there is plenty of opportunity to hook up with a friendly camel or two and head out on a day or more of trekking.

Riding a camel is much like riding a horse, but thankfully you do not have to have experience of either to take part.

The tour guides are very experienced and used to the hysterical and nervous visitor, and the camels are pretty tolerant too, so you will be in good hands.

Camels are more than comfortable plodding through the sand, so all you need to do is sit tight, and enjoy the amazing scenery. Sounds like a perfect trip to me!

Camels Laying Down

Gentle Beasts

Camels are “hardy” animals and also known as ships of the desert due to their amazing durability in the most hostile of conditions.

Gentle beasts, the camels are happy tour guides, but we recommend steering clear of the head end if you see one start to sneeze!

If you have time to spare you can head off and spend up many nights camped in the Sahara, a truly amazing place to watch the sun rise around the dunes.

Have you ever wondered what an oasis really looks like?

You will get your chance to see some in the flesh, along with many other wonders like the Valley of a Thousand Kasbah’s – where you will also answer that other all important question – ‘Just what is a Kasbah?’.

Camels in the Desert at Night

Make it happen

Camel trekking comes highly recommended on the list of things to do before you depart this world, and is guaranteed to leave you with a wonderful set of memories to cherish forever.

Add ride a camel through the desert you your bucket list ideas with Tickboxx.

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