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“Cos my wife thinks it sounds sexy” says @shad_ow who wanted to add Learn Italian to his bucket list. I don’t think he’s the only one who’s significant other finds the Italian language sexy, and what better way to impress them by taking lessons to be able to.

Learn on the go

As with learning most things, repetitiveness is good and an ideal way to do this is download an app like Rosetta Stone to your smartphone.

With this app you can use it across iPad, iPhone and Android devices, so you are not restricted to when you learn. This will allow you to learn on the go and give you a chance to try it out when ever you have some spare time. Waiting for the wife to get ready? get some practice in. Commuting to work? then listen and learn.

The Rosetta Stone app is a great way to fit in your lessons if you are unable to commit to a timetable.

With Rosetta Stone you can even practice your skills with a native speaking language coach, who will have a real conversation with you online and give you feedback.

learn italian

Learn with other people

if you’re not great at learning on your own and feel more confident with getting feedback then try out your local college or language school. You will get the chance to meet like minded people who are also learning the same language. You could look to meet them out of class for more practice and exchange learning techniques.

You also have the added benefit of a language tutor who will listen to you and guide you along the way. You could even look to go for a qualification and add it to you CV to help with your job prospects.

What ever way you decide to learn, just imagine the look on your friends and families face when you order your dinner in fluent Italian on your next trip to Lake Como

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