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Learning a new skill is always a great way to keep yourself engaged and challenged. If you have ever fancied learning to sail, you might find this the perfect hobby to start this year.

Learn How to Sail

Learn How to Sail

Its definitely a bucket list idea that I’m going to add to my personalised bucket list.

I’ve always loved the idea of learning how to sail, I’d definitely class it as a massive personal achievement if I could master the art thats for sure!

It used to be thought as being quite an elite past time but sailing clubs are scattered all around the country and offer lessons for all levels and abilities of sailors, the best thing is that it doesn’t need to cost the earth either.

In fact prices can start from as little as £99 for a half day sailing experience.

One thing is for sure, if you don’t like the idea of getting cold and wet then its probably not the best bucket list idea for you. It is probably advisable to be water confident and happy to swim if you should happen to fall over board! However, you can always wear a life jacket if you are unsure.

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Book Some Sailing Lessons

Sailing can take place in a wide variety of vessels and in many different locations. You can learn how to sail on the open sea, or stay within the relative safety of canals, rivers or reservoirs, depending on how confident you feel. If you have no prior sailing experience though then we’d definitely recommend booking some sailing lessons.

Lessons can take place in short bursts or you could book yourself on a more intensive course and possibly spend a week or more on board a boat.

Most sailing schools are more than happy to teach children as well as adults so this could be the perfect family project. Again we would suggest only taking children who are confident and capable around water and always have them in life jackets, safety is always a vital component!

Sailing lessons will teach you all aspects of being safe around boats, and teach you how to handle them in all conditions.

Your instructor should have years of experience behind them, but do look for recommendations, word of mouth is always the best testament you can get. Always make sure your instructor is qualified and insured.

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Not for you?

We’re confident that to learn how to sail is a great personal achievement to add to your own personalised bucket list.

But if it isn’t for you then why not check out our other suggestions right here or even better add and create your own ideas to share with family, friends or whoever you choose!

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