Witness a Lunar Eclipse

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The chances are if you’re fascinated in seeing a Solar Eclipse you are definitely going to be interested in the exact opposite and witness a Lunar Eclipse too.

Witness a Lunar Eclipse

Witness a Lunar Eclipse

To witness a lunar eclipse is truly a stunning sight to behold, one which makes a fantastic bucket list idea and is worthy of a place on most bucket lists.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon are completely and exactly aligned, leaving the Moon passing into the shadow of the Earth.

Basically, the Earth prevents sunlight from getting to the Moon.

The occurrence of full lunar eclipse is actually pretty irregular. Sometimes, if you are lucky there will be more than one in a year!

January 2018 is the next scheduled chance to witness a lunar eclipse and often there can be up to 2 years between this phenomenon occurring.

So getting to see one is a magical experience that should be grasped with both hands.

Partial and penumbral lunar eclipses do happen more frequently but are much harder to witness with the naked eye.

Crescent Moon

Where to Go

This is a tough question to answer and the next total lunar eclipse won’t take place until 31st January 2018.

It also does not happen everywhere, so you would need to be in the right country at the right time.

It is thought that this total Lunar Eclipse will be visible across Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and parts of the Western United States.

However, a partial lunar eclipse will next occur on 7th August 2017.

This partial lunar eclipse will be visible to observers in Africa, Europe, Australia and much of eastern Asia.

Big Moon

The Best Way to View a Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses are visible at night, and to get the best view one must escape the light pollution of the modern world.

If you are looking to create a magical memory of a lunar eclipse you would do well to book somewhere with a rural backdrop and a lack of artificial lighting.

However, when you successfully see a total lunar eclipse you will really understand what all the fuss is about as they are a truly amazing sight to behold.

The line up of the Earth, Sun and Moon cause the Moon to give off a colour display of rich reds, deep oranges, and perfect browns and greys that rival even the Aura Borealis.

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