Stay in a Log Cabin

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Log Cabin by Lake

To stay in a log cabin can be as basic or as luxurious an experience as you’d like it to be.

Stay in a Log Cabin

Stay in a Log Cabin

Depending on your ability to detach yourself from the outside world, to stay in a log cabin can be a pretty liberating experience.

And thats why we think its worthy of a place on your Tickboxx Bucket List….

The spectrum of facilities and accommodation available nowadays is so vast you can tailor your stay in a log cabin to whichever level of comfort suits you.

Heading back to nature is a popular choice for an off the grid holiday.

Many see this as a chance to recharge your batteries without being attached to the madness of the technological age.

Log cabins are the epitome of escaping the modern world.

There are some pretty amazing locations that can offer you this awesome experience wherever you may be.

Really the only limit is your imagination and wanderlust!

Luxury or Back to Basics, it’s up to you….

Normally found in secluded wooded resorts, your holiday home can vary from truly back to nature and basics, to something that offers a magical slice of luxury.

Some really want an all out escape to nature.

Log Cabin Outside Fire

A complete off the grid experience, shut off from the stresses and strains of their usual day-to-day routine.

However, how many of us can truly live without charging there phone, iPad or laptop?

To stay in a log cabin is becoming more and more of a luxurious retreat!

Mod cons like hot tubs, plasma screen TV’s and wireless connections are common additions to many log cabin retreats.

You can still experience the wonders of timber shelters even if you cannot bear to be parted from your wifi!

Where to Choose?

Whether you are looking to get off piste with a skiing holiday and return to your log cabin with a roaring fire to gently toast your toes.

Or you may prefer something in a warmer part of the world, peacefully watching the wildlife frolicking at your door.

There are log cabins to suit all holiday aspirations.

If you fancy escaping the UK, Bavaria in Germany has a range of stunning retreats, many of which have access to snowy slopes.

Or if you are looking for a short break nearer to home, the Forest of Dean has some pretty spectacular cabins that give you an opportunity to get back to nature.

Perhaps if you are really lucky the chance to watch deer playing just feet away!

Whichever way you choose to experience your stay in a log cabin, make sure you share it with us at Tickboxx.

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