Ride in a Gondola

Experience a ride in a Gondola through Venice

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Gondola Outside Venice

Without doubt, if you do find yourself heading to the water locked, world famous city of Venice, a ride in a gondola is an absolute must!

Ride in a Gondola

Ride in a Gondola

If you have never been to Venice it might seem impossible to imagine a city with no cars and only boats for transportation. But to experience this wonderful city there really is only one way to get around….and thats with a ride in a gondola.

There is something very romantic about floating gently around the waterways, and it remains something of a marvel, that for the locals this is the normal way of life.

Of course you can navigate the city on foot, with 16 bridges crossing at various points, the most famous of which being the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto bridge.

A gondola is a form of water taxi, but has its roots in tradition. Motorised water taxis also operate around the area, and this will be how you arrive from the main land, but a gondola is a very traditional form of transport used within the lattice of narrow canals.

Venice Waterway

What is a Gondola?

A flat bottomed rowing boat, that is punted rather than rowed by a gondolier. It has just one long oar which is used to propel and steer the vessel, the gondoliers are artists at work and amazing to watch.

Currently there are only 425 licensed gondoliers operating in Venice, which might sound like a lot, but in order to offer the tourists a truly magical experience that measures up to the images from movies, a stringent testing process is employed.

Tourists visiting Venice expect a narrated tour, so foreign languages is a must, as well as an ability to talk and manoeuvre through narrow canals without incident!

Venice Canal

Make it happen

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